Dan's Blessing

I've been painting portraits lately.

My first real portrait so far, was of a friend of mine, Dan Braney. (By "real", I mean, non-digital, with acrylic paint on canvas)

He has an amazing, beautiful face, and I had taken many photos of him over the years, much to his dismay :-) . My most recent photos sparked a desire to try and translate his character into paint. I chose a very large 30 x 40 inch canvas, and painted my first portrait.

When I showed the painting to him, a few weeks ago,  he was taken aback by it's size at first, but later told me, "Jen, I know you can make beads, or whatever, but this is what you should be doing. Anybody can make a bead, but how many people can do what you just did?" And then he pointed at his portrait. He didn't really get the whole flameworked glass thing, and that's ok, but he made me think about my painting, and his encouragement was so appreciated.

Dan passed away on Feb. 13th.

I am so honored to have been able to paint this tribute.

Graceful journeys, my friend.

Dan and his portrait