Day 2 Meet The Maker Challenge- How I Started

Because I am a multi-discipline artist, this question could be answered in so many ways. However, since I am going through a fairly significant life change right now ( see my previous post) , my mind has been consumed with a lot of deep thoughts about my childhood, and past. Perhaps thats also just a side-effect of hitting menopause, who knows. I certainly seem to have a significant number of friends going through similar self-examination. 

Anyway, I think I'd like to approach this question of beginnings in terms of when I began to know I was going to be an artist. And the answer to that question is... Always. 

I have very strong memories of painting rocks, and making little pom-pom creatures with my neighborhood friends. We would set up little tables with all of our creations displayed on them and put up signs to get drivers to pull over and buy our stuff. Pretty much what I'm doing now, but I'm selling online instead. Maybe this summer I'll try standing out in the road with a sign instead. Do you think it would work?