Black Fairy Godmother

Next month, I will be traveling south to deliver my painting of Maya Angelou to Simone Gordon. Who is Simone? She is an amazing woman who spends all of her time helping other people. I found out about Simone through Elizabeth Gilbert’s (author of Eat,Pray, Love) Instagram feed. Simone goes by the name, @blackfairygodmother on Instagram, and that’s exactly what she is.

Simone is a connector, and a facilitator, and a helper. She connects women in need with safe havens in cases of domestic violence, single mom’s like herself with school tuition, Mom’s with emergency groceries, shelter and support. Her Instagram feed is a hive of charitable giving. While handling everyone else’s needs, she is managing to raise her son with special needs by herself while also attending Nursing school.

Next month she is putting together a charity event to benefit (and I am quoting directly from Elizabeth Gilbert’s post here, so I get it right) 1) Two LGBT centers (because she knows that LGBT kids are the biggest risk for homelessness) 2) The special needs school where her son goes, so they can buy communication devices for the classroom; 3) Scholarships so that 10 women in Louisiana can take their GED’s.

So that’s where my painting comes in. I will be donating my painting to be auctioned off in hope of raising money at the event.

I am asking you to do something for me:

follow @blackfairygodmother on Instagram so that she can continue to do what she does so well. She is daily posting about people who need help and connecting them with those who can contribute: sometimes five dollars or one pack of diapers at a time. She is actually making a difference in this world and can use our support.