Day 1 - March Meet The Maker Challenge

Day 1 - # Meet The Maker Challenge

This is the yearly instagram challenge from Joanne Hawker to get to know  artists and makers. I thought it might also be a good way to jumpstart my daily blog practice. 

The prompt for the first day was  "Favorite to Make".  

For me, that's a super hard question to answer. I am a painter, illustrator, mixed media artist, and glass artist. I have a LOT of favorite things to make. The easiest answer, I suppose, is that my favorite thing to make, is whatever I am currently working on. 

Is that too easy a way out? Today, I made Earrings using my 3D Glowforge laser printer; abstract  acrylic painting on canvas which is then attached to a cherry wood veneer, and then sent through the laser printer to cut out shapes I designed in illustrator. Then, I put the shapes together into fun lightweight earrings. They are a pleasure to make every step of the way. 

Is it my favorite thing to make? Today it is.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending the morning in my glass studio, at the torch, making beads. Tomorrow, glass beads will be my favorite thing to make. 

You can find out more about my earring line up there in my site menu. 

And you can find out more about March Meet The Maker HERE.

Problem Child Earrings

Problem Child Earrings