Linda Brown, Civil Rights, and Legislation Change

I saw this morning that Linda Brown has passed away. Linda Brown was the little girl in the center of the landmark desegregation case, Brown vs. The Board of Education.  The little girl who had to walk much further to school because she wasn't allowed to go to the all white school around the corner from her house. 

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The Glowforge

Good Morning! 

Today, I was doing some project planning. ( as if I don't already have a list of things I could be working on; Hi, My name's Jenny, and I am easily distracted...... " Hi Jenny! " ) 

I've had a project simmering in my mind since summer, and now that our Glowforge has arrived, I can begin playing. If you don't know what a Glowforge is, you should go check it out at  My idea is to create a series of automaton... simple machines where you turn a crank, and make something happen... kind of like this: 



I mean, How cool is that? I think it would be really fun to make something like this using the Glowforge, and then painting it. So, today I'll be spending some time designing my own much simpler automaton.  Hopefully I'll have something fun to share before too long.




New Website Launch! Woot!

          I'm so excited to have finally updated my website! This year has been one of transition, and I have spent the last couple of months trying to figure out where I wanted to go with my professional life now that my shop and studio are no more. 

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